Kitchen and Bath

Kitchens and bathrooms are our biggest market segment in North America, especially multi-residential projects. 

  • Designed for 3D formability where the substate on doors and drawers have a routed profile.
  • Seamless edges provide a clean look without the need for edge-banding.
  • Our 3D laminates are easy to maintain, stain resistant and durable. 
  • Because most Laminate components are done by an automated membrane/vacuum press, mass production for larger projects are both economical and time efficient.



The Hotel and Restaurant market is a prime example of where our custom design process shines.

  • Create the design, color and experience your brand demands while using a low maintenance, impact resistant material.
  • Our ​3D laminates are used to make decorative wall panels, front lobby desks, bathroom cabinets, hotel bed headboards, nightstands, dressers and closets. Customers keep pushing the envelop on design and we always deliver. 



3D laminate is fast becoming a staple surface in healthcare construction. Although it is impact resistant, scrubbable and durable, it is most importantly and uniquely, seamless. 

  • By eliminating seams, you eliminate the areas where dirt and bacteria like to set up shop. 
  • Our products are used to create wall panels, case goods, headboards, hospital trays, wall and door protection panels. 
  • We are REACH compliant. That means you are being eco-responsible by using the chemically cleanest laminates in the world.
  • Used in hospitals, doctor offices, dentist offices, clinics, labs, etc.




Office space is as diverse as the company brand or the culture of people who work there. Eurovinyl Plus 3D laminates offer endless options in this fast growing market.

  • Seamless, molded surfaces leave less  options for bacteria to grow. 
  • REACH compliant 3D products offer a cleaner, safer work environment with less chemical emissions than any other 3D laminate on the market. 
  • Can be used to make office furniture, partitions, cubicle walls, case goods, signage, and matching profile wrapping components.



Retailers continue to look for an effective way to reduce their carbon footprint while achieving an unparalleled design environment and dynamic shopping experience.

  • 3D laminates are a responsible alternative to using real wood. Our in-stock woodgrain designs offer a wide selection of species and textures.
  •  Unlike real wood or wood veneers, our 3D and profile wrapping grade vinyls allow for consistency in pattern and color at every store location.
  • Better than wood or painted surfaces, our vinyls can better withstand the impact from strollers, shopping carts, and outdoor elements tracked into the store.



3D laminates are a popular alternative when it comes to the Recreational Vehicle market. 

  • Weighing less than steel, ceramic or stone, components made with 3D laminate reduces the overall weight of the vehicle. Less weight, better vehicle performance on the road. 
  • Used to make counter tops, cabinets, headboard panels, bedside table and a variety of other surfaces.
  • Matching grades for profile wrapping provide a consistent and aesthetically appealing interior throughout.



The closet and garage storage industry is a growing market as consumers demand more organized space. 3D laminates are used to make modular units at a fraction of the cost of real wood, yet more impact resistant than melamine doors and drawers. The added flexibility of design and color options are a closet and storage manufacturer's dream.